Join Me Tomorrow: Free Webinar on Using AI to Boost Your Business

FREE webinar tomorrow exploring the world of AI.


As you know I’m passionate about ensuring my clients are aware of and using the latest technologies.

So tomorrow (Wednesday 24 April) I’m delighted to offer a FREE 1-hour webinar on behalf of NILC Training starting at 10am.

This free session, "Unlocking AI's Potential with ChatGPT and Copilot", will demystify AI's capabilities and I’ll demonstrate practical ways it can help your business forward.

BOOK NOW to explore the business benefits of AI and learn how it can help you work smarter and improve productivity.

If you prefer a more in-depth session on AI, I’m presenting a "Power Your Business with Microsoft Copilot 365 and AI", a one day course the following day on Thursday 25 April for NILC Training - BOOK NOW. See the feedback below following my latest course.

A reminder of some of the tasks that ChatGPT and Copilot for 365 can do for you:

  • Create or complete any document, email or presentation

  • Generate notes, list your tasks and provide summaries during Teams Meetings

  • Convert Word documents to PowerPoint

  • Extract text (typed or written) from images and photos and provide a summary

  • Extract text from pdfs

  • Answer questions or extract data held in any 365 file format

  • Create documents from webpages or multiple webpages

  • Advise on emails you’ve drafted

  • Summarise the content of an email or emails eg from a specific person

  • Generate data insights from Excel documents

  • Summarise the content of a webpage or website

  • Help you solve IT and tech problems

plus much more.

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