Social Mind: Social and AI Insights - April 2024

Tips and insights plus news and information on useful tools and resources to help you navigate the worlds of social media and AI.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

As we step into Spring and better weather, welcome to the April edition of "Social Mind: Social and AI Insights".

So Facebook are apparently relaunching ‘pokes’…remember the fun we had? 😆 Surprising as this news is, it’s not an April Fool’s joke!

Although it’s a Bank Holiday, it’s also the 1st of the month which means I‘m producing monthly social media reports for clients. If you’re a B2B business interested in outsourcing your content or using social ads to promote your business, check out Boost Social Agency.

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Now onto this months’ news, updates and insights…

Meta improves its Messaging tools

Instagram DMs

  • Editing Sent Messages: Instagram has introduced the capability for users to edit their sent messages. This allows for corrections or alterations to be made for up to 15 minutes after a message has been sent, enhancing communication clarity and reducing misunderstandings.

  • Pinning Messages: Users will soon be able to pin up to 3 messages in chats. Just swipe left or tap and hold on the chat, then tap ‘Pin’.


  • Pinning Messages: Users can now pin up to 3 messages in individual chats or group conversations. This feature is particularly useful for Group chats to highlight events or key info for members.


  • Unsending Messages: Messenger has expanded its flexibility by allowing users to unsend messages. This feature offers users the chance to retract a message that may have been sent by mistake or that they later decide they prefer not to share, adding a layer of privacy and control over the conversation.

  • Security Enhancements: All messages will now be encrypted by default, disappearing messages are an option plus a PIN is now required to access chat history.

These updates reflect the Meta’s ongoing efforts to enhance user experience by providing more control over their messages. They are designed to make communication more efficient, secure and user-friendly. Did you know that more time is spent in Instagram DMs than Stories, the Feed or any other area of the app?

One of the most requested feature requests for Threads, the Twitter-like app, is an in-app camera to make adding content easier and Meta are working on it. Drafts are also being tested. When you compose a post that you might want to share later, simply swipe down to save it as a draft.

TikTok has rolled out Trends Digest, a monthly series designed to shed light on the platform's rapidly evolving trends. This initiative seeks to arm creators and marketers with valuable insights, enabling them to tap into the latest movements and weave them into their content strategies effectively.

Handy for TikTokers but useful for creators on other platforms too.

GPT-5 to be launched in the summer

OpenAI is gearing up to potentially launch GPT-5 this summer, a significant upgrade to the already popular GPT 3.5 and 4 platforms. Specifics about the new model's capabilities and enhancements remain under wraps. But with OpenAI CEP Sam Altman saying GPT-5 is “really good, like materially better” there is a lot of buzz about it.

With SORA, OpenAI’s video creation too due out soon too, exciting times for AI lie ahead.

Help from AI with your day to day tasks

Here are some of the tasks that ChatGPT and Copilot for 365 can do for you:

  • Create or complete any document, email or presentation

  • Generate notes, list your tasks and provide summaries during Teams Meetings

  • Convert Word documents to PowerPoint (I love this one!)

  • Extract text (typed or written) from images and photos and provide a summary

  • Extract text from pdfs

  • Answer questions or extract data held in any 365 file format

  • Advise on emails you’ve drafted

  • Summarise the content of an email or emails eg from a specific person

  • Generate data insights from Excel documents

  • Summarise the content of a webpage or website

  • Help you solve IT and tech problems

Join me for the FREE Unlocking AI’s potential with ChatGPT and Copilot webinar on 24 April at 10am to see demos of the above plus much more.

In my latest blog post I discuss whether AI is making your content less human:

Back on 1 May…

That’s it for this month’s issue which I hope you found helpful.

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