Social Mind: Social and AI Insights - February 2024

Tips and insights plus news and information on useful tools and resources to help you navigate the worlds of social media and AI.


Welcome to the latest edition of "Social Mind: Social and AI Insights," where we delve into the exciting intersection of social media and artificial intelligence.

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm now providing training on AI, including ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot 365. These cutting-edge tools are revolutionizing the way we work and communicate. For instance, I recently collaborated with a company that harnessed AI to analyse employee survey results. The most striking insights were derived from the free text feedback, showcasing AI's incredible capability in extracting valuable insights and save time.

Additionally, AI's role in content creation is growing by leaps and bounds. With the launch of Copilot 365, tasks such as enhancing PowerPoint presentations become a breeze. Imagine asking Copilot to expand on your bullet points, and it seamlessly does so, maintaining the original format and style of your slides.

There are still plenty of sceptics out there - it reminds me of all those ‘social media is a fad’ arguments back in the day haha - but with Microsoft investing billions in the technology and rolling out plans across their product range, it’s obvious that businesses, including yours, are not only going to be affected by AI, they are going to be transformed.

I’ve embraced AI in my life and have created AI apps for social media: Social Media Navigator and running: AI Running Coach (7 day free trial). Give them a try and let me know what you think.

On the social media front, I'm here to assist you in fine-tuning your strategy. If you're looking to give your social media presence a boost, I invite you to book a Social Media Healthcheck with me for £175. Together, we can review your Pages and Profiles, content strategy and identify areas for growth and improvement.

Your thoughts and questions are always welcome. If you have any inquiries or ideas about AI, social media, or anything in between, don't hesitate to hit reply or get in touch.

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Get your LinkedIn Profile verified

LinkedIn have now launched Profile verification in the UK and if you’ve not set this up I’d recommend you add it to your ‘To Do’ list. You’ll need your passport or driving licence as unlike X’s version, this is identity verification. The verification badge on your profile helps provide authenticity signals to others that you’re who you say you are. Seeing verified information on others’ profiles helps foster a trusted community so you can make more informed decisions around connecting with other professionals. 

Instagram to launch Notes on Posts

If you’ve been puzzled by Notes on Instagram you’re going to be even more confused when they launch on Posts. Instagram Notes are short notes you can post to followers (who you follow back) or to your “Close Friends” list. They can be a maximum of 60 characters long plus you can add photos and videos too. You may have seen them; they sit in your DM inbox above your direct messages. Instagram Notes, much like Stories, disappear in 24 hours.

Handy marketing calendar from TikTok

TikTok have launched their 2024 Marketing Planner which is a comprehensive guide, designed specifically with small businesses in mind, with tons of handy dates plus insights and tips. Obviously focussed on TikTok but a great resource whatever platform you are using. Improve your ‘calendar days’ content by accessing the planner: TikTok’s 2024 Marketing Planner (pdf)

Meta are removing 3rd party access to Groups

Meta are removing the ability for apps like Streamyard and Zoom to broadcast live video to Facebook Groups with effect from 22 April 2024. You’ll still be able to use Facebook’s Live Video feature which hopefully see a much needed upgrade.

Microsoft Copilot 365 now available as single user licence

Copilot 365 is now available as a single user licence (previously 300 user minimum) and it then embeds into 365 (previously Office) plus Teams. Users now have a smart assistant during Meetings to take notes, highlight key points and much more. But Copilot 365 is just the start - there are at least 15 more versions including Copilot for Sales, which is launched today, due for release throughout this year.

A new ‘AI key’ for your keyboard

Microsoft is setting its sights on 2024 as "the year of the AI PC," marking this ambition with the introduction of a new Copilot key on keyboards for upcoming PCs and laptops. This innovation provides instant access to Microsoft's AI-enhanced Windows Copilot, directly from the keyboard. It’s the first major change to the computer keyboard in 30 years. Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft's executive vice president and consumer chief marketing officer, highlighted this as a pivotal step in integrating AI seamlessly into the Windows ecosystem, likening it to the transformative introduction of the Windows key in 1994.

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That’s it for this month’s issue which I hope you found helpful.

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