Social Mind: Social and AI Insights - June 2024

News and updates with tips and insights to help you navigate the worlds of social media and AI.

It’s Summer time 😎

Welcome to June and the latest issue of "Social Mind: Social and AI Insights" 🙌

It’s been another busy but exciting month for me.

I was delighted to visit the British Council in London for social media training, and I ran my first course for ComputerAid, a training provider based in Swansea.

Short breaks in Cornwall and Liverpool were nice and relaxing and I got lucky with the weather ☀️

I completed my local run, the Cardiff Bay 10k, and next Sunday I’ll be running in the Swansea Half Marathon 🏃‍♂️

The second FREE AI webinar 🧠 was once again popular, so teaming up with NILC I’m running another one this month on Wednesday, 26 June - An Introduction To AI – How To Be More Productive (Free Webinar).

If you have any thoughts or questions on social media or AI, don't hesitate to get in touch or hit reply.

Now, onto this month’s social media and AI news, updates, tips and insights...

Open AI release ChatGPT-4o

OpenAI has released ChatGPT-4o, the latest version of its powerful language model. This new version marks a significant upgrade from its predecessor, offering enhanced capabilities that promise to be more useful and versatile for a wide range of applications.

This version comes with several key improvements:

  1. Improved understanding and context: ChatGPT-4o has a better grasp of context, enabling it to generate more accurate and relevant responses.

  2. Enhanced creativity: With its advanced algorithms, ChatGPT-4o can produce more creative and engaging content, making it ideal for generating marketing copy, blog posts, and even creative writing.

  3. Greater accuracy: The model's ability to provide precise information has been significantly improved, making it a reliable tool for answering questions and offering insights.

  4. Multilingual capabilities: ChatGPT-4o supports more languages.

If you’d like a FREE demo, feel free to get in touch.

ChatGPT make custom GPTs available to all users

Free users of ChatGPT are now able to use GPTs created by customers and enthusiasts in the Chat GPT Store, as well as paid users. So if you create your own GPT, more than 100 million weekly active users can experience your GPT and the others in the store.

If you’re a ChatGPT user, give my GPTs a try and let me know what you think:

Meta to launch new generative AI features using your data 😲

Meta is all set to launch new AI features across its platforms from 26 June. By coincidence that’s the same day as An Introduction To AI – How To Be More Productive (Free Webinar) so if available I’ll demo some of the features.

Details are scarce but they are likely to include the ability to create posts, messages and images using AI directly from within Meta apps including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Unless you opt out by 26 June Meta could use your photos and posts to train its Llama 3 AI model. You may have received a notification about ‘AI at Meta experiences’ this but if not here’s a direct link to the form for opting out: 

Bizarrely, you have to state explain ‘how this processing impacts you’, rather than simply opting out 🤔

LinkedIn regularly irritate me with their updates and their latest change to Company Page posts with links has done it again! Organic posts that include links will be reduced in size as will any images that accompany them, so they will be less prominent in the Feed. This spoils the user experience and will put people off sharing useful news and updates. One workaround is to pay to promote your Company Page post - surprise, surprise!

Tip: A partial solution is to add your own photo to your Company Page post.

New LinkedIn Page Admin dashboard

LinkedIn have launched a new Admin dashboard which is now the main landing page for your admin view to help you gain insights across your LinkedIn Page. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Use Today’s Actions to view suggested actions you to improve your Page and engage with your audience. For example, see Follower highlights below.

  • Under Manage Recent Posts you can track and review performance of your recent Page posts.

  • Track Performance allows you to track and review performance of your recent Page posts.

  • Trending Conversations helps keep you in the loop and join trending conversations.

TikTok has unveiled "TikTok Symphony," a suite of AI-powered tools to boost advertising. Key features include:

  • Symphony Creative Studio: An AI video generator that creates TikTok-ready videos with minimal input.

  • Symphony Assistant: An AI assistant that generates scripts and offers campaign recommendations.

  • Symphony Ads Manager Integration: A tool that optimises existing brand videos.

  • TikTok One: A platform connecting marketers with creators and agencies.

  • New Performance Solutions: Predictive AI tools to maximise sales by identifying the best creative assets and target audiences.

These tools aim to improve productivity and scale content creation.

Help from AI to make you more productive 🧠

Last month’s free AI webinar for NILC Training was a success and I received some great feedback:

“Your webinar was excellent – a lot of info to take in, but really interesting to see the benefits of using AI. You are clearly well versed in this area.” Bill Jones

“I highly recommend it and really EVERYONE should go on it to find out more about how to use AI in everyday working life.” Belinda Wilson

Join me for the next An Introduction To AI – How To Be More Productive (Free Webinar) webinar on 26 June at 10am to see demos of the above plus much more.

📝If you find yourself locked out of your LinkedIn account here’s how to recover it:

📺Watch my YouTube video for NILC where I pitch ChatGPT and Copilot in a head to head battle:

Back on 1 July…

That's it for this month’s issue. I hope you found it interesting and useful.

If you need any help with social media or AI, you know what to do 😃

Best wishes 🙌


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