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Welcome to the latest edition of "Social Mind: Social and AI Insights” and the start of March.

Happy St David’s Day!

As each month goes by, AI influences how we work and I’m no exception. I’ve now switched my email hosting from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 so I can fully benefit from all the features that AI has to offer.

For email management, I’m finding Copilot particularly helpful and use the Coach feature to refine my emails and the Summary features to get up to speed with work, several times per day. For example, I can obtain a detailed summary of email chains from a client within seconds. For help on how you can benefit from these features, get in touch.

I’m writing this from Laptop Friday in Cardiff one of 4 events that runs weekly, the others being in Cheltenham, Bovey Tracey and Ilfracombe. Join us for coworking and informal networking.

Your thoughts and questions are always welcome. If you have any questions or ideas about AI, social media, or anything in between, don't hesitate to hit reply or get in touch.

Now onto this months’ news, updates and insights…

LinkedIn spotted testing AI feature

LinkedIn have launched a ‘rewrite with AI feature’ as you as you can see from the screenshot below. It’s only available to Premium subscribers and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem promising when giving it a try. ChatGPT and Copilot provided much better results when I gave it a try.

Expect similar options to be available on Meta products soon for text. Meta has already launched an AI image creation feature - see AI Instagram Story backdrop launched below.

LinkedIn screenshot of “Rewrite with AI” feature

See where your friends are hanging out in Insta

Instagram is reportedly working on a feature called Friend Map which is clone of the popular Snap Map on Snapchat. This new feature will let users share their location and movement details with friends and followers. It’s likely there will be different privacy options allowing you to choose who can see your location.

I look forward to seeing and using this new feature. The connection between the online and in-person space has always held a fascination for me. It can be a powerful way to build both social and business relationships.

Posting from Facebook to Threads coming soon

Meta is experimenting with allowing Facebook users to cross-post to Threads, aiming to enhance content sharing across its platforms. This feature is currently being tested on iOS devices outside the EU. By simplifying the process for users to share text and link posts, Meta hopes to attract more engagement to Threads. This move builds on Meta's strategy of integrating its services, as seen with the shared posting capabilities between Facebook and Instagram for Stories and Reels​.

Initially, I was excited by Threads but my experience has been spoilt by numerous bots. It just become too onerous to wade through all the bot content so I’m taking a break for now. A shame and it’s hard to understand why Meta can’t fix this problem.

LinkedIn publish guide to Pages

LinkedIn have published a guide to Pages containing top tips and tricks to help you make the most of your LinkedIn Page. The guide is a bit basic but you might find the playbooks and videos useful: LinkedIn Pages Best Practice

AI Instagram Story backdrop launched

Instagram have launched an interesting new AI media editing tool allowing you to create any background for your Story. It’s just been launched in the US and I’m looking forward to seeing it and using it in the UK.

To get started, click the new Backdrop button highlighted in the screenshot below.

Screenshot from Matt Navarra

AI to create hyper realistic videos

OpenAI has introduced Sora, an advanced AI video model. It's a generative video model that transforms text, images, or videos into AI video content, showcasing OpenAI's leap in integrating image generation and token-based models for creating realistic video outputs. While public access and full capabilities are yet to be announced, the demonstration videos were stunningly realistic as you can see for yourself: OpenAI's official SORA page

How to stop @everyone notifications on FB

Do those @everyone notifications from Groups irritate you? Here’s how to turn them off:

  • Go to Facebook on desktop

  • Click your Profile photo on the top right

  • Go to Settings & privacy

  • Go to Settings

  • Select Notifications under Preferences

  • Go to Tags on the right

  • Under Tags toggle off Batch mentions

How to turn off @everyone notifications

Summary of tasks: Microsoft Copilot for 365

Here are some of the tasks that Microsoft Copilot for 365 can do for you:

  • Generate notes, list your tasks and provide summaries during Teams Meetings

  • Convert Word documents to PowerPoint (I love this one!)

  • Extract text (typed or written) from images and photos and provide a summary

  • Extract text from pdfs

  • Answer questions about data held in any 365 file format

  • Create emails

  • Advise on emails you’ve drafted

  • Summarise the content of an email or emails eg from a specific person

  • Generate data insights from Excel documents

  • Summarise the content of any webpage or website

  • Research any topic from the internet

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Back on 1 April…April Fools’ Day!

That’s it for this month’s issue which I hope you found helpful.

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